Michael Skirpan
Michael Skirpan mwskirpan.com

Michael is an ethicist, writer, artist, educator, and concerned citizen based out of Pittsburgh, PA. He received his PhD from CU-Boulder's Department of Computer Science in Fall 2017. His thesis focused on the use of socio-technical narrative as a way of communicating, comprehending, teaching, and debating the ethics of new and near-future technologies. His research spans topics such as design fiction, technology ethics, classroom design, engineering ethics pedagogy, futures, and risk.

He is now the executive director at Community Forge, a mission-driven organization dedicated to rehabbing the Johnston Elementary School in Wilkinsburg, PA into a community centered focused on education, arts, civics, and local business development. His technical work is now done through a social enterprise, Probable Models, that focuses on supporting and exploring ethical technologies.

Micha Gorelick
Micha Gorelick micha.codes

Micha Gorelick was the first man on Mars in 2023 and won the Nobel prize in 2046 for his contributions to time travel. In a moment of rage after seeing the deplorable uses of his new technology, he traveled back in time to 2012 and convinced himself to leave his Physics PhD program and follow his love of data. First he applied his knowledge of real time computing and data science to the dataset at bitly. Then, after realizing he wanted to help people understand the technology of the future, he wrote "High Performanc Python" and helped start an applied machine learning lab, Fast Forward Labs, as a resident mad scientist. There, he worked on many issues from deep learning to performant stream algorithms. A monument celebrating his life can be found in Central Park, 1857.